Tags: News, Awards It’s Official! Breaking In The New Office

On August 28th we officially cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of our new office at 4350 Glendale Milford Road, Suite 230, in Blue Ash. It was a fantastic event, and we were pleased to celebrate this milestone with our customers, interpreters, members of various chambers of commerce, and other friends of the company. […]

Skype Makes Science Fiction a Reality

Skype recently announced the first working approximation of Douglas Adams’s famous Babel fish: The Babel fish is small, yellow, leech-like, and probably the oddest thing in the universe. It feeds on brain wave energy, absorbing all unconscious frequencies and then excreting telepathically a matrix formed from the conscious frequencies and nerve signals picked up from the speech centres of […]

An Interview with García Márquez’s Translator

Edith Grossman translated many of Gabriel García Márquez’s works into English. She talked to the Washington Post about the late author’s works and her particular style of translation. One comment that stood out to me was Grossman’s opinion that translating a piece of literature is like writing a new piece completely rather than simply changing or […]

Play Ball! Retention is Everyone’s Job

As a young boy I loved the game of baseball.  I found the game full of physics, geometry, probability, and all those petty rules to be so intriguing! Perhaps this is not the same reason others like the game, but we are not here to judge, are we? We are not here to judge, are […]

Another Successful Bridging the Gap Training

On March 17th, 2014, twenty-four medical interpreters graduated from the Bridging the Gap Program. There were seven languages represented in the training: Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Nepali, French, and Japanese. Bridging the Gap is a well-recognized medical interpreter education program with a presence in 31 states, the District of Columbia and Qatar. Why is it […]

Middle School Students Help Solve Our Business Challenge

On Friday, Affordable Language Services kicked off a case study at the Academy for Multilingual Immersion Studies. Over the course of ten weeks, the students in Ms. McNatt’s junior high class will help us solve an important problem: how many interpreters do we need, and what languages should they speak, for the Cincinnati of the future? […]

Learn a Language in 2014 – Part 2

By this point in the year, many new year’s resolutions are beginning to falter. Don’t let your goal to learn a language be one of them. Now that you’ve started attacking the problem in every way possible, using the extra time you didn’t realize you had, it’s time to make these efforts more effective. As Barry […]

Who is Entitled to Language Services?

Not everyone understands who is entitled to an interpreter or translator. The government doesn’t make it any easier using their own “language” to explain. Reading Executive Order 13166, I start to wonder if I should be entitled to an interpreter. Does anyone speak “Congressese?” In a nutshell, the executive order, which was signed into law by […]

Are Interpreters Really a Necessity?

What would you do if an individual walked into your place of work and did not speak English? Would you know if this person is legally entitled to an interpreter? Better yet, would you provide the individual an interpreter, or would you turn them away because you were not able to communicate with them? Many […]

Learn a Language in 2014 – Part 1

It’s time to make your resolutions for the new year. While I may not be able to give you any advice about losing weight or kicking that bad habit, I can help when it comes to the most in-demand job skill: fluency in a foreign language. There are so many different ways to learn a language […]