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What Is Translation?

Translation is converting written communication from one language into another. Many online services offer this in just a few seconds and promise correct results, but they fail to consider local specifications and cultural sensitivities. The same word can mean very different things in different cultures. Don’t embarrass yourself and lose out on new business. Our translation services are always accurate, timely, and affordable!

When it comes to translation, you have several options to choose from.

  • First, you can choose to have your document translated by an expert linguist in the field. We use a three step process with two review stages to ensure your document is localized, accurate, and print ready.
  • The second option combines machine translation with a person to correct for readability and accuracy. As more affordable option, you get the speed of a machine and the expertise of someone fluent in the language.
  • Finally, you can choose machine translation. Simply upload your document and we will take care of the rest! We use the latest software advancements to make you translation quick and affordable. This option is best used for internal documents or when looking to gain a general understanding.

What Is Interpreting?

Interpreting is explaining the meaning of a message through a form the intended party can understand. Interpreting usually occurs in-person but can also be done over the phone or through video. The interpreter bridges the language gap between parties. Whether it be in-person, over the phone, or through video, our interpreters are professional and educated. Each applicant goes through a rigorous hiring process to make sure they provide the most accurate service possible. No matter where or when, we can help you convey your message. We offer a wide variety of languages, including American Sign Language, to help your audiences connect.

Accurate interpreting could be the difference between new business and an embarrassing misunderstanding. When you don’t get a correct interpretation, you risk losing new business. You may even offend someone without realizing it. Don’t trust an inexperienced company with something so important. Trust Affordable Language Services.



I am always pleased with the level of care given to my projects, as well as the quality of service provided.

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This translation team is amazing. Easy to work with, kind, helpful and they all have great personalities as well.

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The right words make all the difference. Don’t let incorrect translation or interpreting keep you from new business or simply meeting new people. Let Affordable Language Services help you get the message across. Learn more today!