May Newsletter

May is known as a time for new growth and it’s been a busy month at Affordable Language Services. Because of the increasing requests for our interpreting services, we have been adding to our interpreting team, including staff interpreters, recruiters and scheduling. As you can imagine, everyone here has been busy keeping our customers happy […]

Are You Bilingual? Use your skills to help people communicate!

Are You Bilingual? Use your skills to help people communicate! One in five people residing in the United States is bilingual. That’s 80 million people! But did you know that almost 9% of the population only has Limited English Proficiency? 9% may seem like a small number, but in reality 9% of America is over […]

Is a telephonic interpreter better than a face to face interpreter?

The market for translating and interpreting is awash with new technology, which is great for patients and providers—when it works. As a primarily face to face interpreter, I have often heard doctors and nurses complaining about poor connection or sound quality when using a telephonic or video interpreter. Luckily, interpreter technology, along with broadband speeds, […]

Interpreter Operations Manager Attends ISO Internal Auditor Training

Affordable Language Services has beenISO 9001:2008 certified for nearly 3 years. According to a Common Sense Advisory report, only “one in ten” language service providers (LSP’s) are certified worldwide. The ISO 9001:2008 certification demonstrates that we have an effective and documented process for the delivery of our interpretation and translation services and that our management […]