2012 World Choir Games coming to Cincinnati

By Gary Elfers A number of the INTERNATIONAL and INTERETHNIC ORGANIZATIONS in the Cincinnati region gathered at the Netherland Hilton to listen to keynote speaker Nick Vehr, the founder of Vehr Communications, describe what is in store for the Greater Cincinnati area during the upcoming 2012 Choir Games. Nick gave an enthusiastic presentation with some […]

Video Round-Up

To go along with our American Sign Language theme this week, all of the videos we’ve selected have to do with signing and the deaf and hearing-impaired community. This time, the round-up includes: a Deaf rapper Sign Language etiquette MTV True Life some Miley Cyrus and much more!

Should the Deaf be considered an Ethnic group?

There’s no doubt, there are distinct cultural differences that come with being deaf or hearing impaired. American Sign Language is not just English signed, there’s different syntax associated with the language. On top of that, the Deaf have their own jokes, art, ancestry, and traditions (as shown in Tuesday’s post on Scottish Finger Signing). “Deaf […]

Scottish Finger Signing

In keeping with the sign language theme this week, we thought we’d share something that’s not American Sign Language, but a different kind of signing. It took a while for standard sign language to reach Scotland and the Deaf had to communicate with one another and the hearing community long before that. (The earliest records […]

American Sign Language Week

Ok, so it’s not the official American Sign Language week. But we at Affordable Language Services just couldn’t wait until the last week in September to spread a little love for the signing community, so for the next week we’ll be sharing tidbits and news about sign language and interpretation! Syllabic keyboard, Courtesy: nicasaurusrex If […]

Interpreter of the Month: Serry Hassan

Congratulations to Serry Hassan! Affordable Language Services is making him Interpreter of the Month for April due to his consistent hard work as a Qualified Arabic Medical and Legal Interpreter over the last several years. On many occasions Serry has been called out on jobs in the middle of the night and on weekends to interpret […]

Indian American Chamber of Commerce meeting

Last Wednesday Lynn Elfers, owner of Affordable Language Services, spoke at the Indian American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) meeting for the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky chapter. Her topic was the importance of accurate translation in business, and how to set yourself (or your company) up for a successful translation. If you’re purchasing a translation, […]

Avoiding Miscommunication in a Multilingual Workplace

Our Spring Whitepaper is here! We’ve pooled some ways you can avoid potentially costly miscommunications in your workplace. Click the link below and read up. Avoiding Miscommunication in a Multilingual Workplace