Human Translation

Human Translation

With the prevalence of free online translators, why pay for a service like Affordable Language Services? The answer is simple: online translators and machine translation do not account for elements like tone, context, and cultural differences. One word in one language may mean something completely different in another, and online translators cannot detect this.

An example of this comes directly from the English language. The word “kid” has two meanings: a human child, or a baby goat. If you have this word in your document and put it through a free online translator or a machine, you run the risk of changing the entire context of your message. Rather than writing a fun letter about your son or daughter’s summer activities, your message has turned into a creative writing piece about a baby goat’s adventures.

Human Translate

While the above scenario is an amusing one, not all translation mistakes are harmless. In a business setting, for example, a translation mistake could be embarrassing at best and offensive at worst. This could very easily be the difference between gaining or losing new business. While free online translators get the job done quickly, you sacrifice quality. Correct translation is worth investing in.

Human Translation Process

Our process ensures that you get an accurate translation.


1. Translate

We find a qualified linguist who is fluent in your original and target language as well as an expert in your field or industry. That translator takes your document from the current language and puts it into the language you need.


2. Revise

That translated document is reviewed and edited by a second linguist who is also an expert in the field.


3. Quality Assurance

Finally, an Affordable Language Services employee will review everything and make sure it is ready to send back to you. They will check for client specifications including specific terminology, style, and they will also make sure that the file is clean and formatted properly.

Living Our Core Value: Cares About The Customer Experience

Affordable Language Services is here because of you, the customer. We are willing to go the extra mile. Our job is not complete until you are satisfied with your translation project. You will have seven business days to complete a review of your document(s) and we will make any edits to the final translation. We also send customer feedback surveys with each project delivery so that we can improve and to make sure you had a positive experience.

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