When You Need to Translate from Spoken to Written, We Help You Preserve Your Message

Transcription is a careful merger of multiple skills requiring excellent linguistic, auditory and writing talents. We listen carefully, then write the right words to help you convey the message as originally said to those who need to understand it.

  • One-step transcription – our skilled linguists listen to your audio in its original language and translate it into written form.
  • Two-step transcription – taking the process a step further, linguists carefully transcribe your audio into two written formats: the first in the original language and the second in the translated language. Perfect for when you need written records in both languages.

Make sure your message isn’t lost when it needs to be translated across languages and from spoken to written. Our innovative solutions ensure your message stays intact.

  • Rapid turnaround on transcription helps you keep your business running smoothly.
  • Our diverse and in-depth experience includes business, legal, marketing and other specialized industries.
  • Your project – large or small – delivered on-time with confidential, multilingual files.
  • Choose the experience of Affordable Language Services:
    • Founded in 2000.
    • Top-ranked nationally and globally by Common Sense Advisory, an independent market research company.
    • ISO-9001 compliance means we’ve made it a priority to focus on quality and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
    • Linguists certified by the American Translators Association.

Affordable Language Services transcription is your solution for everything from subtitling in corporate videos to recorded voicemails from your human resources department.

Did you know? To ensure accuracy and timeliness, we match your needs with a team of professionals perfectly suited to the project.

Why Affordable Language Services?

We make a pledge to each and every one of our clients. A promise to help them navigate the globe. To deliver innovative solutions. And to be their partner. We’re an international leader in overcoming communication barriers, and we’re devoted to the weight of words and the power they have to better our world.