Medical Translation

Healthcare Communications

Maintaining accuracy and nuance in your healthcare communications can boost wellness and even save lives. And never is quality more important than when you need to convert communications from one language to another. Affordable Language Services is your answer. Learn more about how translation and interpretation done with accuracy, clarity and attention-to-detail can help.

Affordable Language Services offers deep bench strength in linguistics and project management. We can help you avoid translation missteps in healthcare, and add valued benefits that include:

  • Supporting safe discharge for patients
  • Quick response for medical emergencies
  • HIPAA-compliant, secure patient information
  • Triple-checked accuracy
  • Correct health and medical information

Affordable Language Services is a full-spectrum language service provider. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Deaf Services
  • Transcription – When you need to translate from spoken to written, we listen carefully, then write the right words to help you convey the message as originally said to those who need to understand it.

Here are five simple tips to find the right language service provider:

  1. Seek a language service provider with someone else’s stamp of approval. We’re ISO-9001 compliant, so you can feel confident in our processes. And the Common Sense Advisory Board rates us among the top 40 companies in several categories. Perhaps most importantly, 80 percent of our customers are repeat business (and the other 20 percent simply don’t need additional service).
  2. Don’t rely on an inadequate machine. Machine translations are inexpensive but not entirely accurate, so can’t be relied upon to do your entire project. Instead, look for translators who use computer assisted (CAT) tools .
  3. Translation memory can save you money.  As we translate, we build a database of your translation. We can work faster and save you money on subsequent projects.
  4. Have it localized. With localization, you know your translation will carry the same weight and meaning from one language to another.
  5. Look for a partner with experience that matches your need. We’re well-versed in the details and nuances needed to successfully translate your message.

We’ll ensure your words are accurately translated for the audience that needs to connect with them.

High-Quality Medical Translation Services

We are a experts in medical translation, in addition to medical interpreting. Our professional project management team works hard to create a perfect match between your project needs and our linguists.

Translation of Medical Documents

Our professional linguists are qualified to assist you in translation of any kind of medical document into any language.
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