Risks you should consider when buying a user manual translation

In today’s world, as many companies are pushing to globalize their products and services to new markets, a perfect translation is more important than ever.  A user manual translation is a major component to consider when planning to sell a product in a new locale.  Some companies have taken the approach of completely globalizing most […]

How to improve workplace safety with an employee handbook translation

One of the most important and time consuming facets of any business is ensuring your employee’s safety and continued good health. No matter what type of industry you’re in or service you provide, your employees need to be healthy to function well; not to mention the issues and costs associated with any on the job […]

Do I Need a Certificate of Accuracy?

It’s a valid and important question, and one that we in the Translation Department hear on an almost daily basis. And often, it’s not entirely clear what this certificate is, what it means, or if you even need it! It certainly doesn’t help that there seems to be no standard way in the U.S. to […]

Technical Translation Services: The One Thing You Must Have

Manufacturing and technical translations can be a huge undertaking, even for the most experienced and efficient translators.  If a project is especially large, such as a user manual for a tool or machine, it is often necessary to employ a team of translators.  Using a team can present the benefit of a much quicker turnaround […]

Five Immediate Benefits of an HR Translation

As the world becomes more global, human resources departments need to become more global, as well. It is not that much of a surprise that the fastest growing companies have begun to get professional HR translations of their company materials. Of course, some companies may try and shortchange this process, or do it cheaply with […]