Why Medical Interpreting Shouldn’t Be Left to Family Members

There’s no question that interpreting a medical condition correctly is essential for the proper diagnosis and treatment of a patient. No family member wants to see a loved one misdiagnosed or improperly treated. Without a qualified medical interpreter available, families often resort to using relatives who are fluent or semi-fluent in English to help interpret […]

Types of Professional Interpreters and What They Do

The need for professional interpreters is growing exponentially in today’s global marketplace. Whether you are a business owner who needs to speak with international investors, a clinician in an emergency room or urgent care setting, or an attorney who needs to communicate with witnesses who are not native English speakers, professional interpreters are an essential […]

5 Common Questions About ASL Interpreting

Are you fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)? If not, would you know how to communicate with a deaf individual if he or she needed to visit your organization or place of business? Let’s start with the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with […]

New Research Documents the Cost Effectiveness of Medical Interpreters

What we already knew has been made official by research: Trained medical interpreters save hospitals money. This confirmation comes from an April 2012 study from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, which discovered that overcoming communication barriers actually translates into money saved – which makes a good business case for offering consistent medical interpreter services […]

How the JCAHO (Joint Commission) has Helped to Improve Patient Safety for the Limited English Proficient (LEP) Community

The cultural and linguistic makeup of our nation has changed. Immigration is on the rise, and the number of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals seeking health care services is increasing as a result. There is perhaps no other situation where clear communication is of the utmost importance than in a patient and health care provider scenario. […]

Professional Interpreter Skills: Consecutive vs. Simultaneous Interpreting

Interpreting is the conversion of spoken language between two speakers. Professional interpreters must be fluent in speaking and understanding both languages in regard to specialized terminology, cultural and regional differences, and individual nuances of expression. They must also be able to pay careful attention and have an exceptional memory. There are two primary types of […]

Taking Your Website Global: Translation vs. Localization

Globalization and the ability to easily connect to the internet from almost anywhere in the world is making the English language less of a standard for websites. Many U.S. companies gain as much as 50 percent of their revenue from international sales, and they could not achieve this without reaching out to target consumers in […]

Professional vs. Amateur Business Translation Services

In this economic climate, it can be tempting for business owners to skimp on vendor services. From ordering fewer office supplies to cutting back on snacks, many organizations are looking for ways to cut costs. However, slashing budgets indiscriminately can threaten a business’s reputation and efficiency. For example, it doesn’t make sense to be sparing […]

Website Translation: Top 10 Languages Used on the Web

Are you using a website translation service to get your message across the globe? If you’re doing business globally, or are ready to expand, understanding the international breakdown of web users is key to effectively utilizing a website translator. Studies show that customers are much more likely to conduct business when approached online in their […]