On-Site Interpreting

On-site interpreting is the act of facilitating spoken or signed, face-to-face communication between two or more languages. Communication is often dynamic and complex, therefore, on-site interpreting is considered the most effective type of interpreting. On-site interpreting allows the nuances of communication, such as inflections and pauses, and cultural subtleties to be clearly and accurately interpreted. Happening in real time, in-person communication also allows the parties in the session to see facial expressions and body language. This helps build a personal connection and develop the crucial client-consumer relationship.

Our on-site interpreting services include 24-hour emergency service. Our customers are able to schedule an appointment at any time and we will find an interpreter to help facilitate your communication needs.

on-site interpreting

Our Interpreters

At Affordable Language Services, simply claiming to be “bi-lingual” does not qualify an individual to interpret, it requires a great deal of skill. All our potential candidates are thoroughly vetted through our on-boarding process to ensure they meet specific criteria and standards, including a language evaluation to verify fluency. In order to provide outstanding interpreting services to our customers, our interpreters also undergo interpreter training to ensure they operate under the Interpreter Code of Ethics and best practices in interpreting. Through additional training and coaching, our linguists are given the tools and resources to prepare for any situation and understand the specific verbiage of various industries.

Who Should Use On-Site Interpreting?

While this type of interpreting is ideal for any industry, it is often requested for more sensitive situations. On-site interpreting is optimal for medical, legal, HR, educational, and social service appointments.



Social Service


Community Outreach

And More!

American Sign Language

On-site interpreting is particularly effective for American Sign Language. Our interpreters are involved with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind communities therefore understanding how to provide quality service to a wide spectrum of language modes.  Most of our ASL interpreters not only meet Affordable Language Services’ strict criteria, but they also adhere to all tenants of the Code of Professional Conduct under RID.

Sign Language

How to Schedule an On-Site Interpreter

We care about every customer’s experience and aim to make the interpreting process as simple as possible.

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    Contact us to request a free quote. Be sure to give a detailed description of the appointment.

    Call 513-745-0888 or fill out our online form

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    We will set up your appointment and find a qualified interpreter. Based on your description of the appointment, we will make sure the interpreter has experience in the industry and they will research the topic as necessary before coming to the appointment.
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    Have your interpreting appointment and effectively communicate!

Let’s Partner

Finding a good interpreting service doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you have a meeting, appointment, or even an emergency situation, Affordable Language Services will give you a quick and accurate interpretation.