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icon_interpreter_trainingIf you are looking to further the education and training of your bilingual or staff interpreters, then we’ve got the program for you. Through our interpreter training services, we can set up a program specially designed for your staff. Our training programs include an internationally recognized course on professional interpreting, which is offered several times each year.

We also teach providers the best way to utilize interpreters, what to expect of a professional interpreter and key components of cultural competency as they affect your specific industry.

Medical Interpreter Training: Bridging the Gap Program

Our medical interpreter training program, Bridging the Gap, is one of the leading programs of its kind in the U.S. today. Through our fully licensed program, we prepare bilingual individuals to work as professional medical interpreters in both hospital and clinical settings. Course environments are active, and students learn through participatory training techniques, including role-playing, group discussions and practicing medical interpreting.

A medical interpreter’s cultural competency is a crucial aspect of communication in any healthcare setting. Because of this, our course places special emphasis on the nuances of specific cultures, raising the sensitivity and awareness of our students.

Check our events page for upcoming Bridging the Gap programs.

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Comments on Recent Training Sessions

Thank you very much for sending the picture and dictionaries. I am very happy and appreciative that I was given an opportunity to attend your BTG training. You are an incredible teacher and I learned a great deal from you and your training. Thank you very much. Akiko M- 2018