Machine Translation

Machine TranslationHigh-quality machine translation can be hard to find. Free online translators offer a quick solution at the cost of quality and have the possibility of changing the entire meaning of your document. This change in meaning can be an embarrassment to your company at best, but has the possibility of causing you to lose a client because of the oversight. Fortunately, Affordable Language Services offers quick and correct translations at an economical price.

Machine translation at Affordable Language Services is available in three unique ways.

First is using the latest software advancements to translate your document by machine. This simple method offers quick turnaround for an affordable price, and is ideal for internal documents. This method also creates a record of translation to be used for future projects.

The second machine translation option is to pair a machine with one of our trained linguists. These experts edit in post for readability, fluency, and accuracy. This method is more affordable than having translation done only by humans, but comes very close to the quality that human-only translation provides. This option is the perfect choice for when you need a polished, professional-sounding product at a lower cost.

The final option for machine translation is to take a long-term outlook on your language translation needs. If you know you’ll consistently need similar documents translated for years to come, this solution saves you both time and money. With this machine translation option, we pair our latest software with an experienced linguist. Over the course of up to three years, the machine and linguist work together to create a translation memory and a personal translation base that can be used over and over again. This option is ideal for companies that have repetitive content, such as manuals and data sheets.

You can trust Affordable Language Services with all of your machine translation needs. Founded in 2000, we are ranked both nationally and globally by Common Sense Advisory. Each of our translators are certified by the American Translators Association, and we are ISO-9001 compliant. Click here to learn more about our machine translation today!