The Challenges of Growth

You may have recently heard that we are certified at #35 (!) among the Top 40 Language Service Providers (both interpreting and translation) in North America in the 2015 survey by the industry leading Common Sense Advisory Council. This is the first time we have been ranked in the Top 40. “We are very proud of this achievement. Our team has worked hard during our 15 years to provide the best interpretation and translation service for our customers and we are grateful to have grown to this point,”says our founder and CEO Lynn Elfers.

As with most companies, continue growth and success means that we have to change to build for the future. One thing that Lynn decided was to create a Board of Advisors to help bring unique perspectives and experiences to the direction of the company. She recently presented her experience and insight on why and how to go about doing this, at the 2015 annual meeting of the Association of Language Services Companies. This well received presentation underscores her status in this industry.

With all this change, we decided to give our partners a better look at who we are as a team.  We thought that you would like to know a bit more about the people that work at Affordable Language Services. We recently posted our new version of Our Team page.  All of our employees are listed, along with some brief biographical info and fun facts about them. Find out who grew up in Bolivia and Ethiopia, who is a Knothole Baseball Umpire Instructor, and who teaches historic rapier combat! You will find these tidbits and more at

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