Lynn Elfers Honored at Women Excel (WE) Celebrate Awards

Last Thursday, Lynn Elfers was honored at Women Excel (WE) awards at the Lynn_at_WE_Celebrate_webCincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce’s annual WE Celebrate Breakfast as a finalist in the category of Community Impact. Being chosen as a finalist recognizes the contribution that Lynn and our company Affordable Language Services has made to the-well being of the Cincinnati region in general and specifically how the business has helped the immigrant and foreign visitor community.

Every year new groups of immigrants choose to come to live in the Cincinnati region. One of these groups are from Nepal who speak Nepali. As little as 7 years ago, there were few Nepali residents in Cincinnati. Last year, according to an official from the Cincinnati School system, there were over 6,000 students identified as Nepali speakers. With this rapid growth has come a rapid demand for help in navigating our various systems for living in Cincinnati. Affordable Language Services provides this help, we make it easier for people to build and maintain their home life in Cincinnati. We take great pride in the fact that we will help people in difficult situations communicate.

In addition, another of our on-going missions is to reach out to bi-lingual individuals and offer them job training to start a career as an interpreter. We employ over 400 interpreters, for them we are often their first professional job in this country that offers above minimum wage and job training. Over the last 15 years, we have trained over 2,700 people to be professional interpreters. With this training, they are able to start their careers in the USA, and most have gone on be successful members of the Cincinnati community. Our training consists of on-line and in-person orientation classes, followed by a shadowing and mentor program, to ensure that the new interpreter meets our industry’s quality and professional standards.

We are proud of this recognition by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce of Lynn and Affordable Language Services contribution to our community.


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