Written Translation FAQ

Can a bilingual employee be trusted to do a translation?
What affects the cost of a translation?
What are common mistakes can I avoid when hiring a translator?
What do I need to do before I buy a medical translation?
What is transcreation, and do I need this service?
What is localization?
Should I use a web translator or a human translator?
What are the most common languages on the web?


Guide to Buying Interpreting Services
Guide to Buying Translation Services

American Sign Language Interpreting FAQ

See this blog post on some of our most commonly asked questions about American Sign Language, including:

  • What standards do people have to meet in order to become an American Sign Language interpreter? In other words, how do I know my American Sign Language interpreter is qualified?
    How much does an American Sign Language interpreter cost?
  • Will you need materials that will be covered at the interpreting session in advance? If so, how far in advance would you need them?
  • The interpreter will be exposed to very confidential information. Can they sign our non-disclosure agreement?
  • Would your company be interested in creating a long-term relationship with our company for any future needs that may arise?

Foreign Language Interpreting FAQ

How can I be sure my interpreter is qualified?
Why is it better to use a qualified medical interpreter?
What specific skills do interpreters need to have to succeed?
Should I use face-to-face or telephonic interpreters?
How do we screen and hire our interpreters at Affordable Language Services?
Can a medical interpreter be used to translate documents too?
Is using medical interpreters cost effective?
What does the Joint Commission say about medical interpreters?
Can I make a patient bring a friend or family member to interpret?
What are the different kinds of professional interpreters?
What are the differences between consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting?

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