Over-The-Phone Interpreting

Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), also known as telephonic interpreting, is the act of translating one language to another over the phone. This can be done via a 2 or 3-way call and happens between you, the interpreter, and the party you are trying to reach. It is especially useful when you have an immediate or last-minute need for interpreting services you were not able to pre-schedule or when the person you need to communicate with is in another location.

Over-The-Phone Interpreting

Get Over-The-Phone Interpreting on The Go

Affordable Language Services offers OPI services through an app that makes OPI simple and accessible. Ideal for the service, healthcare, social service, and education industries, the app allows us to offer our services across the country. Whether it be an onsite emergency or scheduled meeting, our over-the-phone interpreting app is there when you need it.

It’s easy.

Simply call a phone number and communicate the language you need.

It’s flexible.

There’s no need to schedule ahead, and service is offered when you need it.

It’s reliable.

You will have access to a national database of qualified interpreters who are fully vetted.

It’s extensive.

Over 175 languages are available for interpreting services.

How Our OPI Service Works

Once your account with Affordable Language Services is set up, you will be provided a phone number and pin or you can download the OPI app and begin communicating. The app works on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, so you have easy access wherever you are.  Utilizing the app allows for a faster and easier process since the app is preset with your phone number and pin, removing the need to dial in each time.

How To Get Started
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    Set up your account with Affordable Language Services
    Contact us
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    Download the InterpretManager app onto any devices through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
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    Login and set up your account within the app.
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    Choose your language for an on-demand interpreter.
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How To Make A Call In The App

Login to the OPI app

Select Language

Complete Requested Pre-Call Information

Call For an Interpreter

Begin the Interpretation Session

Rate the Quality of the Call

What Languages Are Guaranteed?

With our over the phone interpreting services we offer all of our 175 languages on demand.

How Is Affordable Language Services Different From Other Language Service Providers?

We do not require our customers to own any special equipment to use our services. Many other over-the-phone interpreting companies who use this app (or similar ones) offer the first year for free. After that, they then charge a monthly minimum and maintenance fees. We don’t. When you go through Affordable Language Services, you’ll only get charged for the calls that you actually make.  That way, if you go a month or two without using the app, you’re not paying for services you aren’t using. There are no maintenance fees, no expensive updates, and no minimums to pay. Just telephonic interpreting, right when you need it.

The OPI app also offers video remote interpreting capabilities. Sometimes this service is preferred because you are able to use video to read body language and facial expressions. Learn more about our VRI services here.

For over-the-phone interpreting services, look no further than Affordable Language Services. For more information, contact us today!