Interpreting is the oral or signed translation of a message a person/group of people is trying to communicate. When you and your audience don’t share a language, finding a good interpreter is the only solution. Affordable Language Services is your local translation and interpreting solution to personal, workplace, or community communication barriers.


Our interpreting services are available whenever, wherever you need them. No matter what you need, we provide a qualified interpreter. We have several options for various circumstances and budgets.

On-Site – our qualified interpreters, on-site wherever you need us.

Over-the-Phone – interpreting over the phone, available around the clock, 365 days a year. Ideal for our out-of-state clients or whenever you need interpretation immediately, and cost effective for shorter conversations.

Video Remote Interpreting – interpreting via video chat, on-demand whenever you need it.


Consecutive – interpretation offered in person, with a skilled interpreter acting as the language liaison in a conversation.

Simultaneous – interpretation offered via an earpiece, as the words are being spoken, similar to how the United Nations conducts meetings. This option is ideal for conferences, when delays in conversation are not an option.


Affordable Language Services is experienced in industries including:

We always guarantee your interpreter has experience in your field, so they can understand and accurately translate any specialized vernacular you may use. We offer services in over 130 languages – including American Sign Language – and more rare languages than most language service providers. Maintain your company’s professional reputation with a hassle-free interpreting service that’s simple for you to use and makes it easy for your customers to communicate.

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An Accurate Interpretation, Guaranteed

Our company is a licensed trainer of the nationally-renowned Bridging the Gap program, providing crucial interpreter training to leading companies and freelance interpreters.


Each interpreter goes through a rigorous evaluation process, including oral and written testing. Of these applicants, only 14 percent are accepted into this program. Our linguists are professionally trained and evaluated by a third party to ensure they hold the highest ethics. Those who are accepted have ongoing training to keep their skills current and sharp.

About Us

Founded in 2000, Affordable Language Services is well-respected among translation and interpreting services. We are top-ranked nationally and globally by Common Sense Advisory, an independent market research company. We are also ISO-9001 certified, which means we’ve made it a priority to focus on quality and exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Finding a good interpreting service doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you have a meeting, appointment, or even an emergency situation, Affordable Language Services will give you a quick and accurate interpretation. Contact us today for more information!