Why Use Plunet?

What is Plunet and Why Should You Use It?

Plunet is the all-in-one solution for the translation industry, coupled with smart automation to speed up your business processes.

Does this sound familiar? You have several urgent tasks that need to be completed today. Then you receive new requests from your customers with a tight deadline. Where do you start?

The Plunet Dashboard gives you an overview of all of your projects, so that you can keep an eye on what’s important and handle your projects in a stress-free way.

By including the Plunet Customer Portal as a key part of your workflow, you can be part in the production process: You can use the system to request quotes, place orders, check the status of current projects, and give feedback. In addition, you and your team benefit from further advantages that will quickly become apparent in your everyday work.


  1. You can easily upload source files via Drag & Drop and not have to worry about restrictions regarding file size or format. For you, all project files are organized in one system.
  2. Sensitive files for project requests are not sent unprotected by e-mail, but are stored within the password-protected Customer Portal. In this way, you can guarantee a high level of security when files are uploaded and downloaded. This also ensures that your requests don’t end up in the Junk e-mail folder. Affordable Language Services will receive a notification every time a you create a request in the portal and the request will automatically appear on your Dashboard.
  3. You can accept or reject quotes with a single click. This considerably shortens the whole workflow and saves a lot of time.
  4. All project phases are documented in the system, which means that you do not have to manually track requests, orders, and invoices—saving you time once again.
  5. You can track your projects in real-time. You will be automatically informed about any changes made to a project.
  6. Particularly for organization that request multiple projects at once, there is a need for more transparency regarding the individual requests and projects that run in parallel. Supervisor logins for the customer portal can be used to get an overview of all current project requests.
  7. You can be involved in the production process at all times. If you need to intervene at a certain stage of the project, for example to give an authorization.
  8. With the help of customizable status reports, which can be created, analyzed, and stored to read later, you can quickly make informed decisions.
  9. Invoices for you are automatically saved in the Customer Portal so that you can view them whenever they like. In this way, invoices do not get lost and can be checked by you at any time.
  10. Last but not least: The Customer Portal can be completely customized to fit your needs and any requirements that may have changed.