World Trade Day Kentucky 2015

Last Friday, October 9th, we attended the World Trade Day Kentucky 2015 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville Kentucky to a sold out crowd of 400 trade practicioners, international dignitaries, leaders of industry and government officials.   The exhibits hall hosted display 50 booths ranging from Trade Service Providers, multinational companies and international dignitaries. […]

Managing Internal Review of Translation

You’ve contacted a company to translate a document for you, worked with them to define exactly what you need, and received the completed translation. What’s next? Can you feel confident publishing it? Many people in your shoes would feel better if someone else reviewed the document first, someone in their organization. This process is known […]

Using Your Employees For Document Translation Services Can Backfire

In our global world, translation is a fact of life. If your customers can’t read about your product in their language, they won’t buy it. If they can’t get support for the product in their language, they probably won’t come back. Many companies have hired bilingual or local employees to solve this problem. Excellent choice. […]

How Business Translation Services Can Increase Your Clientele

Embrace America’s multilingual culture to increase your reach. English is the language of business.  But is it the language of consumption?  The answer is not as simple as marketers would like.  The good news is that there are plenty of data available that can help make the decision to translate or not to translate easier. […]

ALS Selected for Cincinnati Small Business Excellence Awards!

We are proud and excited to be named a finalist in the 2012 SBEAs – come support us Thursday as we find out who wins each category! 2012 was a record year for Affordable Language Services, and we are on target to beat those numbers this year!  As we continue to grow our business, people have […]

Risks you should consider when buying a user manual translation

In today’s world, as many companies are pushing to globalize their products and services to new markets, a perfect translation is more important than ever.  A user manual translation is a major component to consider when planning to sell a product in a new locale.  Some companies have taken the approach of completely globalizing most […]

How to improve workplace safety with an employee handbook translation

One of the most important and time consuming facets of any business is ensuring your employee’s safety and continued good health. No matter what type of industry you’re in or service you provide, your employees need to be healthy to function well; not to mention the issues and costs associated with any on the job […]

Technical Translation Services: The One Thing You Must Have

Manufacturing and technical translations can be a huge undertaking, even for the most experienced and efficient translators.  If a project is especially large, such as a user manual for a tool or machine, it is often necessary to employ a team of translators.  Using a team can present the benefit of a much quicker turnaround […]

Five Immediate Benefits of an HR Translation

As the world becomes more global, human resources departments need to become more global, as well. It is not that much of a surprise that the fastest growing companies have begun to get professional HR translations of their company materials. Of course, some companies may try and shortchange this process, or do it cheaply with […]

3 Reasons Website Translation Can Work for Your Business

A corporate website translation can take your business to the next level, allowing you to accommodate, inform and expand your audience and market share. Whether it’s the high-tech millennial generation or just your average savvy business person, people all over the world are hitting the web to find information and vendors. We’ve compiled the top […]