Technical Translation Services: The One Thing You Must Have

Manufacturing and technical translations can be a huge undertaking, even for the most experienced and efficient translators.  If a project is especially large, such as a user manual for a tool or machine, it is often necessary to employ a team of translators.  Using a team can present the benefit of a much quicker turnaround for an otherwise long and tedious process.  However, it is also necessary to maintain a unified set of terms and tone throughout a document.  Translator teams need to create glossaries of technical terms, to ensure that each translator uses the desired word.  This can be especially important if a company uses catch-phrases, marketing material, or industry specific technical terms.

Affordable Language Services works with clients to create a unique glossary that can be used to ensure a unified voice not only in an original project, but in future projects as necessary.  Many companies have invested a lot of capital into creating an image and a voice, especially in marketing material, but even in more technical documents.  A professional team of translators, along with globalization and localization experts can make sure that your message doesn’t lose any of the edge, feeling, humor, or catchiness that you worked so hard on to get right in English.  You want things to sound a certain way, and we can make sure that it does in every language.

This glossary is an invaluable asset for a company, and once you set it up, it’s yours to use for any further translations projects you may have in the future.  You can expand and modify it at any time, and Affordable Language Services will provide solutions for any questions or dilemmas you encounter along the way.  In the long term, you will benefit financially from using an agency who knows how to manage a team of translators that starts by creating a glossary of your terms.  It is the most important aspect of any technical translation project and a smart way to save on future translations, as well.

If you are unsure how translations could factor into your company’s expansion into foreign markets, or even non-English-speaking demographics in the USA, we can offer you an idea of what kind of services you could benefit from, and what the range of costs is.  A good relationship with a translation agency can be extremely valuable to any growing company, and Affordable Language Services will give you the personalized service you need from the beginning to the end of your projects.  The world awaits!

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