How Business Translation Services Can Increase Your Clientele

Embrace America’s multilingual culture to increase your reach.

English is the language of business.  But is it the language of consumption?  The answer is not as simple as marketers would like.  The good news is that there are plenty of data available that can help make the decision to translate or not to translate easier.

The simple truth is that bridging language barriers can lead to relationships with previously untapped consumers and clients. But the key is targeting your efforts, focusing on efficiency and ROI.  For example, if you operate in a place like California, it may benefit you to invest in some Asian language translation, because the concentration of people that speak Asian languages in California is relatively higher than in other places.

Take a look at this map. You may be surprised who speaks a language other than English at home and where they live. It might be a good time to make translation work for your business!



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