3 Reasons Website Translation Can Work for Your Business

A corporate website translation can take your business to the next level, allowing you to accommodate, inform and expand your audience and market share. Whether it’s the high-tech millennial generation or just your average savvy business person, people all over the world are hitting the web to find information and vendors.

We’ve compiled the top 3 reasons to use a website translation service:

1. You can increase your market share.

If your web site is available in only one language, you’re missing a big chunk of the world that might love you – if only they knew. Although many web users (537 million) do browse in English, the vast majority do not. At least 445 million browse in Chinese, while the rest – another 985 million – navigate the web in other languages, according to Business Insider. A website translation service can help ensure you’re talking to everyone who may want to buy your product.

2. People prefer to browse — and buy — in their native language.

Nine out of ten European web users will always choose to view a website in their own language, if given the option, according to a Eurobarometer survey. Furthermore, only 18 percent said they are frequently willing to buy products in a foreign language. A business translator can make your information and the subtleties of your products or services more accessible to overseas viewers, giving you a better opportunity to make a sale and forge a stronger connection.
3. Potential customers might otherwise miss important information.
The foreign web users who are willing to browse your site in English are most likely missing important or interesting information – in the same survey, 60 percent of foreign web users who navigated in English admitted they didn’t get the full picture.

In fact, studies have shown that most web users read only 20 percent of the content – and that’s when they’re reading in their native language. It stands to reason that content retention goes down even more as the person’s fluency level is lowered. Thus, without a corporate website translation, many of your best product or service benefits may be lost on the customer.

When deciding if a website translation service is right for you, begin by looking at your existing customers. Then scan the global market for opportunities. Don’t forget that while the American economy may still be suffering, buying power and economic health are increasing in other parts of the world. The cost of a business translator may be far smaller than the missed opportunity for sales.

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