Are You Bilingual? Use your skills to help people communicate!

Are You Bilingual? Use your skills to help people communicate!

One in five people residing in the United States is bilingual. That’s 80 million people! But did you know that almost 9% of the population only has Limited English Proficiency?

9% may seem like a small number, but in reality 9% of America is over 25 million people. That’s greater than the entire population of Australia. That’s 25 million people that struggle with daily interactions that the rest of us take for granted. Many of those people cannot go buy groceries on their own, let alone go meet with their child’s teacher about their grades, or see a doctor about a serious medical issue. This language barrier affects almost every aspect of their lives.

If you are bilingual, take this opportunity to make a living while making a difference!

Affordable Language Services has been training interpreters to aid individuals with healthcare_interpreting_services1Limited English Proficiency since 2004. We provide interpreters every day of the year, which means we have available appointments around the clock every single day! Because we have so many appointments to choose from, this means all of our interpreters have the flexibility make their own schedules, starting at $15 per hour, and are offered continual opportunities for training and improvement in the field. Whether you speak Arabic or Vietnamese, there are people here in the Greater Cincinnati Area that need you!

As an interpreter, you get to start each day knowing that you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life, and on society as a whole. You will be part of a growing profession that prides itself in ethics, and a passion for bettering the community. While we offer opportunities to interpret in a variety of scenarios, the majority of our appointments are medical in nature, meaning YOU are the key to getting someone the care they deserve. You will be the person that ensures someone understands a doctor’s prescription. You will be the person to help a patient understand when they are confused and scared. You will be the person to bridge not only language barriers, but cultural ones as well. When you are an interpreter, you are the key to putting everyone on an equal playing field.

Choose interpreting: the profession you can be proud of.

Submit your application on our website and someone from our recruitment team will contact you.

We can’t make a difference without YOU.

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