Creating a Universal Language

It sounds nearly impossible, right? How could one language be implemented across cultural divides to encompass each culture’s unique linguistic needs? Well, DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is giving it a go. But in this instance, they’re not trying to push a new language on anyone other than robots and machinery. They are […]

Shaping the English Language

The effect that one language has on another is often profound, especially when populations that speak both languages regularly interact and exchange ideas. That was how Welsh came to shape English so drastically, according to a recent article published by BBC News. English and Welsh-speakers have mingled for 1,500 years, so it’s natural they would […]

Linguistic Diversity in Spanish Senate

Even for lifelong English speakers, regional dialects in the United States can be a stumbling block for understanding. Regions quickly develop their own cultural identities, which leads to idiosyncrasies in pronunciation and slang. However, the relative youth of the United States has kept mutations of the language relatively low. The differences in linguistic fragmentation between […]

In the Community

At Affordable Language Services, we like to share our knowledge of culture and language with the community. Gary Elfers, our Executive Director, headed to the Batavia Rotary Club to speak last week. The members enjoyed it so much, they even blogged about it! Gary explained the difference between translation and interpretation, a bilingual speaker and […]

Top 50 Jobs in 2011: Interpretation & Translation

US News and World Report lists Interpretation and Translation as one of the Top 50 Jobs in 2011! Here’s why: Employment opportunities are increasing quickly. The exact figure the Labor Department projects is a whopping 22 percent growth by 2018. They attribute this to a growing population of non-English speakers in the US, and an […]

The Dangers of Poorly Translated Prescriptions

When computer software programs are used to translate prescriptions the outcome could be disastrous as highlighted in this Health Day news article. It’s just not possible for a software program to differentiate between the literal translation and the intended message, therefore it is vital to use a qualified translator for any written document that […]

A Rising Need for Medical Interpreters

The LA Times is picking up on an idea that Affordable Language Services have been keen on for while now: medical interpreters can make a big difference in the care a patient receives! Image Courtesy: Mel Melcon, LA Times Understanding what your doctor is saying can be difficult enough in your native language… but imagine […]

No Child Left Behind

Are you meeting Federal mandates? The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and Title III mandates that education facilities must “meet the educational needs of…limited English proficient children” and “promote parental and community participation in language instruction educational programs for the parents and communities of limited English proficient children.” Affordable Language Services offers On-site […]