Top 50 Jobs in 2011: Interpretation & Translation

US News and World Report lists Interpretation and Translation as one of the Top 50 Jobs in 2011!

Here’s why:

Employment opportunities are increasing quickly. The exact figure the Labor Department projects is a whopping 22 percent growth by 2018.

They attribute this to a growing population of non-English speakers in the US, and an increasingly global economy.

Globalization is making our world feel a whole lot smaller, and because of that almost any company will require an interpreter at some point. This allows you to find your niche, and communicate with people about topics you genuinely are interested in… what could be better?

Here at Affordable Language Services we offer training for people who want to be certified medical, educational, or legal interpreters. (And if you’re looking for one, we can help you find someone who knows more than just the language. Our trainees understand the importance of understanding the culture behind a language too.)

If that’s not enough reason to think about becoming a translator or interpreter, consider the following:

  • Most translators work from home. Interpreters often get to travel for work.
  • ASL, Asian language, and indigenous African language interpreters and translators are in short supply, which means if you can cater to those clients you get more jobs and more money usually.
  • Once you’ve got enough experience under your belt, you can move up! Clients appreciate interpreters with a good track record, and after proving your skills you may start getting better paying, or more prestigious gigs.

After all that, if you’re interested in starting a career in interpretation or translation, check out our training and services page, and we’ll get you started.

If you’re already working as an interpreter– or you’d like to get your foot in the door by working for a company that provides translation and interpretation services– take a gander at our careers page. We’re currently hiring!

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