A Language Everyone Speaks

We talk a lot about… well, talking. But there’s one language everyone speaks, that you can’t slip into or out of. Body language.

What’s this say to you?
Here are some simple tips from RealSimple.com on how to read the faces around you.
Blinking– The normal blink rate is six to eight times a minute, but if someone’s stressed, they’ll blink dramatically more often.
Smiling– To really smile, your eye muscles have to be engaged. If you notice that someone’s aren’t, they’re probably faking it.
Nose Scratching– It could be a sign that someone’s lying! The adrenaline rush that comes with telling a lie (even a small one) can cause capillaries to expand, and a person’s nose to itch.
Head Nodding– If nods come three at a time, you’ve really got their attention. Likewise, if you’re trying to show someone you really are interested, nod in threes, and you’ll triple the time they talk with you. Head tilting also signals attention.
Picking at Fingernails– It can signify low confidence and insecurity.
Massaging Your Forehead– Applying pressure to your nerve endings, whether they are in your forehead, legs, or sides, helps lower blood pressure and heart rate. If you catch someone doing this, they could be stressed out or feeling vulnerable.
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