Translation Rates – 6 Easy Steps to get Quality and Value

Here are six steps to follow to improve your translation rates and maintain value.

1. Translate only what you need.

Is your manual 200 pages? See if you can cut it down.  It will save you time and money on your translation project. Longer documents naturally translate to higher translation rates.

2. Use images where you can.

As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words, even in a different language. And a thousand words you don’t have to translate is more money in your pocket! Sometimes, entire pages of text can be replaced with a diagram or map.

3. Tell your translator what the project is for.

Your audience and purpose is important regardless of what language you use. You should be clear about how globalized or localized your project is intended to be. A webpage intended just for Mexico will look different than one for all of Latin America. Relay this information to your translator to ensure the accurate presentation of your message.

4. Give your translator a final draft.

To facilitate a smooth translation process and get a better rate, give your translator a final draft. Be sure that your are comfortable with the final draft before you submit it for translation.  If you have to make revisions to the original document midway through the project, that can significantly delay the delivery, increasing translation rates significantly.

5. Don’t rely on translation software, you may regret it.

Language is inherently complex and nuanced. Software programs can’t take into account your text’s tone, purpose or recipient and cannot differentiate between the literal translation and the true intended message.

6. Use a reputable translation agency.

Ask how long the agency has been in business and if they are an ATA member. With 14 years of experience, Affordable Language Services has more than 350 translators, all with the additional training and background needed to make your translation perfect. 
You will not find anyone else more qualified.

Interested in actual translation rates, download our free translation pricing chart and see what translation services cost.

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