The Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Career in Interpreting

We all know that communication is a fundamental part of our everyday life. It is our way to convey a message, express our emotions, point out important ideas, and much more.

Imagine if someone’s way to express, point out and convey a message is hindered due to a language barrier. Often, people make the wrong presumption of assuming that in any other way the receiving end will be able to understand what they want to express even if they don’t speak the same language. People don’t realize that they are not fully conveying the accurate message of what they are trying to point out. This is a very common and yet a critical situation in an academic, corporate, medical and legal setting; this is where an interpreter usually comes into play.

An interpreter should have the knowledge as well the language proficiency in English and the target language. They should also be culturally sensitive so they can step up and be an advocate when needed. The role of an interpreter can be very challenging, but also rewarding, and below are some of the reasons our interpreters love this kind of work.
Interpreters serve as the voice of the community

Interpreters speak for a community that cannot fully speak for themselves. Those with limited language proficiency depend on the interpreter to help relay messages and feelings that they cannot convey themselves. It is up to the interpreter to quickly and accurately communicate between parties so as the appropriate procedures and precautions are taken. The actions and effects that take place are dependent on the skills of the interpreter. In dire situations, the interpreter is the key.
Flexibility-“Interpreters work as much as they want, as often as they want”

Interpreters take full advantage of the perk of having their freedom to set up their own schedule. As an independent contractor, it is entirely up to the interpreter to decide when and where they would like to work. Since the request for interpreters varies from day to day, it is up to the interpreter to take the initiative to select jobs the he or she would like to take.

Interpreting is a continuous learning experience

The work of an interpreter is anything but mundane. With the wide array of clients that require interpreting, the jobs that are requested are never the same. Interpreters find themselves in hospitals, courthouses, schools, and corporate settings. While in these fields, the interpreter is not only going to be helping clients, but learning from them as well. The information and experiences that an interpreter will gain will develop the individual’s interpreting skills, knowledge in terminologies as well as their own personal growth with every job accepted.

Affordable Language Services is looking for people who want to be the voice of the community, enjoys the work flexibility and to continuously learn through experience. If you or you know someone who is interested on becoming an interpreter, please refer to the link below and apply.

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