Interpretation and Translation Values?! Are They Important?

JV Almeda is the Internal Operations Manager at ALS

“Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become habits. Watch your habits for they become your character. And watch your character for it becomes your destiny. What we think, we become.”  ―Margaret Thatcher

I think that this quote applies to any company and reflects the values each employee believes in and practices every day. These values serve as a guide to making every decision one making that reflects the type, purpose and credibility of the company.

For the past 13 years in business, Affordable Language Services has practiced a set of values which helped the company to earn its credibility in terms of quality and commitment to its vendors and customers. Now in its 14th year, Affordable Language Services has grown, evolved and developed further the set of values the company believes in and adheres to.

To help the company achieve the set goals in line with the updated mission and vision, this year the executive management team collaborated, developed and improved the company’s core values. We looked back to where the company was and what the company has become and its purpose. These newly developed and improved values were rolled out to the rest of the Affordable Language Services’ employees August 26, 2013.

With these set of values, everyone practices and believes in pursuing excellence, acting with integrity and being accountable. We want to improve continually while having the passion for learning and team work. We believe that as a company we should not be limited by the processes that are currently working and what is currently effective—but as society and the industry changes, we have to be proactive in finding and developing new processes and systems improvement. This is one of the key factors in providing world-class service.

We also believe that the company and its employees should act with integrity. We want to show respect and compassion for everyone and always conduct ourselves ethically. We want to always tell the truth and be trustworthy by doing what we say we will do.

Lastly, Affordable Language Services adheres to being accountable in its words and actions. We want to show our commitment not just to our customers but also to our vendors, by delivering on what we say we will do and owning results of our actions and decisions. As a company, we want to be transparent, responsive and maintain open communication with everybody.

These updated core values will help everyone in the company make everyday decisions that align with our vision and mission. Relating the company values from the quote from Margaret Thatcher—our decisions and actions will result in habits, these habits become the company’s character impacting our credibility and purpose in the community, and the character that the company builds in the community becomes the company’s destiny.

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