Translation for Manufacturing

translation for manufacturingTranslating business documentation is more than converting one language into another. Niche industry, business, and company knowledge can add a layer of complexity to the mix if not fully understood. The manufacturing industry is one where that complexity must be carefully navigated when translating information for employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Affordable Language Services specializes in translation services for manufacturing businesses.


We make it easy to for manufacturing companies to work with us by utilizing your existing files (in InDesign, AutoCAD, etc.) and preserving your diagrams and screenshots, all of which we will translate into the languages you need. The time you have spent on creating technical documents, safety instructions, and IFUs (Instructions For Use) for English speakers will be expertly and accurately translated into any one of over 130 languages, so your non-English speaking clients will have access to that same information.


If you are looking to do a product launch in the European Union, we can translate into each of the EU’s languages to ensure a smooth transition and make sure your launch is profitable and efficient. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we follow strict quality management processes and use proven tools to get the job done right (such as CAT tools and MT with post-editing). When providing translation for manufacturers, we work with you to create a custom plan based on your needs for files, including creating glossaries and translation memories for your industry-specific terms and language.


We understand the manufacturing industry and the processes that make your business run smoothly, which makes translating for manufacturers a specialty of ours. Our linguists have engineering and technical degrees, and work in your industries, making the translation of your existing documents sound natural and not forced when converted into another language. Further, we match our linguistic teams to each company, which allows our linguists to learn your company’s unique communication styles, and lead each team with a project manager who specializes in your field.


Affordable Language Services has the specialists, tools, and resources your company deserves to ensure your documents are expertly translated, while keeping the natural feel of your company vocabulary and business terminology intact through all your written material.

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