Quick, Accurate Medical Translations

In the rapid-paced world of medicine, the ability to translate a document, chart, or drug information sheet is critical. Too often, hospitals lack the quality translation services that they need to better serve their non-English-speaking patients. Affordable Language Services is quick and professional when it comes to turning around a translation. Let’s take a look at why quick translation services like the ones provided by Affordable Language Services are so essential.

Things Change Fast and Response Is Necessary

Things change in the blink of an eye in hospitals all the time. Patients’ conditions change and progress and nurses and doctors need to be able to respond quickly to any and all patient complaints or concerns. When working with a patient who does not speak good English or English at all, you still need to be able to respond to their needs quickly and be able to communicate to them the things they need to do for the medical procedures to be successful. This requires translation.

Affordable Language Services is proficient at translating patient itineraries, medication updates, medication tables, and discharge instructions. Nobody wants to go home without any clue about what they need to do to get better and healthy. These non-English speaking patients and their doctors rely on quick translations for better health care.

How Do We Do It?

We are able to provide high-quality quick translations to our clients because we employ expert linguists to work with us. If you want the best possible translations you need to make sure that you work with the most proficient language experts, because not all translations are created equal.

Affordable Language Services also works to set-up templates and quick processes so that you can create specific patient translations when you need them. This feature allows you to provide your patients with high-quality quick translations so that they can get in and out of the office and back on a healthy path. It also sets your practice or hospital above the others who cannot provide this type of service to their patients.

But Why Even Work With Us?

Besides the attractive potential of expert translation, and the ease and economy of pre-set templates and patient specific processes, why should any hospital or practice work with Affordable Language Services when they can do their own translations in-house? That is a good question, and there are very good answers to it.

  • First, don’t waste your doctor’s precious time with translation. They should be seeing patients not worrying over the punctuation, grammar, context, and verbiage of a translation.
  • Using untrained bilingual staff is not going to provide your patients with the most accurate translation. Your staff may be bilingual and fluent in multiple languages, but that doesn’t mean that they have the professional training to do a translation. All translations are not created equal. Trust linguist experts who have devoted their lives to accurate translation.
  • Because finally, sub-par, poor translations that are unclear or vague could potentially lead to numerous lawsuits against the hospital or your practice. Don’t take a chance and use a bilingual staffer to translate important documents like discharge instructions and patient charts.

Everyone Deserves Peace of Mind

Nobody should ever have to go home without clear instruction on how to take care of themselves, their child, or whichever family member is in their care. Translation services are so vital because they provide people with the peace of mind that they understand the instructions given to them and are receiving the best care possible. Please help us to help you provide your patients with the best possible translation service on the planet, and please feel free to contact us to learn more about Affordable Language Services and the various services we provide.