Manufacturing Translation for HR

At Affordable Language Services we understand the importance and value of a diverse workforce. To get the most out of any workforce, though, from on-boarding to managing, and all the behind the scenes work that goes into keeping your employees productive and happy in their jobs, the Human Resources Department of any company must effectively communicate a wide range of information to its staff. With LEP (Limited English Proficiency) employees, the job is that much easier when your documentation is translated into your employees’ native language.

We can help you keep your LEP employees in the loop and informed, making them feel more invested in your organization. With a large number of LEP and immigrant employees providing great value in manufacturing, translation services are important to ensuring these employees are well informed and feel appreciated. Hardworking, dedicated, and loyal, they are an integral part of the manufacturing industry, and develop into great leaders on the floor and in the executive offices.

By keeping everyone informed through HR translation, employee handbooks, safety manuals, newsletters, company-wide notifications, and training and onboarding documents, your company will have more of an impact and provide more value to your talented and diverse employee base. Further, translation for manufacturing organizations can help turn your company into a well-oiled machine, and allow you to avoid problems and safety issues that otherwise might arise due to a language barrier.

We have linguists that specialize in HR, engineering, manufacturing, and industry-specific niches. We provide a team that will learn your company culture and promote it through the translated documentation you need to keep your employees effective, well informed, and feeling valued.

No matter what language you need to translate your existing documents into, Affordable Language Services can make it happen. We’ve found qualified linguists for little known languages, such as Marshallese and Chuukese, and made sure employees native to those languages were just as well taken care of as all other employees.

Affordable Language Services has the specialists, tools, and resources to make sure HR translating for your manufacturing company is expertly performed. Your documents will be masterfully translated, while keeping the natural course and cadence of your company culture and business intact throughout all your written material. For more information, contact us at (513) 745-0888 or

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