Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting

As a medical health care provider in the Cincinnati area, you are likely aware of the city’s linguistically diverse populations, but also of its geographic limitations. And when it comes to providing health care to patients with LEP (Limited English Proficiency), you may find yourself short-staffed when you need to have experienced, professional interpreters on hand to assist during some of your most complex medical situations. If you and your medical staff relate to this challenge, your clinic or hospital may benefit from Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).

What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

Imagine having both a visual and audio connection to experienced and credentialed interpreters, from anywhere across the US, to help you and your LEP patients. Video Remote Interpreting brings you a platform where our interpreters deliver a personalized interpreting session without geographic limitations.

Why is there a need for Video Remote Interpreting?

During the times in which you or your staff are unable to secure an interpreter, VRI may work just as well. If you don’t have an interpreter immediately available, and communication between a health care provider and an LEP patient is limited by language barriers and cultural differences that impede understanding, VRI will allow you to quickly access interpreters who have the specialized experience you need. And since VRI provides two-way visual access, our interpreters can factor in visual cues that may be conveyed by body language and facial expressions, just as if they were physically in the room.

How video remote interpreting helps

Because of Cincinnati’s location and demographics, the supply of expert interpreters with solid, real-world experience is limited. While we know how important it is to have an on-site interpreter for LEP patients, sometimes it’s just not possible. With VRI, distance is no longer a barrier to quality, timely interpreting services and access to the best interpreters available – no matter where you are, and no matter where they are.

About our interpreters 

Our interpreters have dedicated years of their lives to become professionals in their fields. Unlike translators, who transfer communication in written form from one language to another, interpreters transfer spoken communication from one language to another. In addition, our interpreters stand out from bilinguals / multilinguals — individuals that demonstrate spoken proficiency in different languages – because bilinguals/multilinguals do not have the training, experience or credentials of professional translators or interpreters. Our interpreters have received training from Bridging the Gap (BTG), one of the nation’s leading cross-cultural training programs for medical interpreters. Lastly, our medical interpreters abide by the national standards of practice for interpreting within the field of health care, and many hold certifications in medical interpreting.

Affordable, accurate, and professional language services

Our interpreters at Affordable Language Services are ethical and friendly, and equipped with the skills needed to communicate what is being said accurately, with the utmost care and attention to detail. They are also trained to recognize and account for cultural and regional differences when interpreting for healthcare providers and patients.

We have interpreters on call 24-7 who can provide VRI, in-person, or telephonic services. Our interpreters can handle high-stress situations like urgent surgeries, labor and delivery, or emergency care. In some situations, they can also perform sight-to-verbal interpretation, where they read instructions, chart notes, diagnoses, or other vital written information, and simultaneously communicate that information verbally in a second language.

If you have any questions about how Affordable Language Services can help with VRI or with your in-person or telephonic interpreting needs, please contact us!