When you demand fast and accurate interpreting services, look no further than Affordable Language Services.

With our wide range of interpreting services, there’s no end to our ability to meet your needs. With hundreds of qualified interpreters, Affordable Language Services brings a wealth of experience to any project. We ensure that you avoid language mistakes and maintain your professional appearance.

  • Methods: On-site and Telephonic Interpreting
  • Modes: Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting Skills
  • Settings: Medical, Legal, Escort, Social Service, Community and Other Venues
  • Languages: Over 130 Different Languages, including American Sign Language

Need a qualified interpreter immediately? Affordable Language Services will supply an experienced interpreter to meet your needs on time and with the highest of quality. We’ll ensure that your business is in compliance with all pertinent regulations and requirements.

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On-Site and Telephonic Interpreters

We offer you a staff of trained, experienced professional interpreters who are available around the clock to meet your needs. With on-site interpreting service, we come to you. Our agency has the ability to cover more languages than many other interpreting services providers.

Sometimes the constraints of your working environment demand that interpreting services be conducted over the telephone. Our staff of telephonic interpreters can fill the needs of your business quickly: in fact, once you’ve set up your account, the average connect time is a mere 14 seconds. Call us to set up service today.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting Skills

We can help with your specialized needs by providing consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting.

A consecutive interpreter works on short utterances, interpreting a sentence or two at a time. This type of interpreter may facilitate the interpreting process by offering notes while interpreting, especially when dealing with long sentences. We have expert consecutive interpreters on staff who are trained in the art of bi-directional interpreting (e.g. interpreting French to a listener in English, and then an English reply back into French).

Simultaneous interpreters, often seen at the United Nations, are highly trained individuals who have the ability to speak at the same time as another person. These interpreters are most often found in courtroom settings, conferences or meetings. Decalage, a French term meaning “time lag,” refers to the delay between the moment the interpreter first hears a line, and the moment he or she renders the words into another language. Because simultaneous interpreting requires such intense concentration, our staff typically works in teams of two or more, alternating short sessions, in order to deliver the highest quality simultaneous interpreting services to you.

Medical, Legal, Escort and Other Venues for Interpreters

Our professional medical interpreting personnel can meet your interpreting needs on demand, whether we’re needed in a hospital, a medical facility, or a clinic. High pressure emergency room situations demand careful, experienced professionals who know how to serve the demands of both patient and doctor. When you are legally required to provide a professional interpreter for your patients, look no further than us. Our medical interpreters are specifically trained and well versed in medical terminology, HIPAA regulations and the National Council’s Code of Ethics — and patient satisfaction is directly linked to the use of professionally trained and tested interpreters.

Legal interpreting services require stricter demands than many other types of professional interpreting, and our team is prepared to meet your needs. We have legal interpretation services professionals trained and ready for working in courtrooms or police stations.   Our professional staff is qualified to meet the rigors of simultaneous interpreting, which is often required in the legal field. We provide specialized testing and training to our staff of legal interpreters, many of whom have completed continuing education within the field (from the Supreme Court, or the Administrative Office of the Courts).  Also legal translation services specialists trained to work in law firms for document translations.

If your business requires the on-site presence of foreign colleagues, then you know the difficulties involved with finding escort interpreters. If your clients and customers travel to the U.S. from China or Germany, providing them with specialized interpreting services can be crucial to successful partnerships. Our escort interpreters are also available to accompany U.S. travelers to other parts of the world, facilitating communication between all parties and their hosts. This ensures a successful, secure stay in any foreign land. Sometimes referred to as Guide Interpreters, our staff of trained professionals is ready and able to perform their role in service of your needs.

130 Different Languages Including American Sign Language Interpreters

We offer a large and complete variety of language interpreting services, and provide our valuable service to hundreds of clients each month. Affordable Language Services provides you with qualified American Sign Language interpreting services as well. We can send a professional interpreter to your location in the Greater Cincinnati area and other U.S. Cities or connect you with a telephonic interpreter regardless of location.

If you are unsure of which interpreting services will meet your needs, simply give us a call and our friendly staff will help match you with the best service for your situation.