Medical Interpreting

Why Certified Medical Interpreters Are Important

Public Service Announcement on the Importance of Medical Interpreting services

Nationally Certified Medical Interpreters and Interpretation Services

Given the complex terminology of the field and the often high-stress environments associated with the health care profession, bridging the gap between doctor and patient through quality medical interpretation services is highly valuable. When you need a certified medical interpreter in a demanding emergency room situation, call on us. We will send the very best language services professionals to you, allowing your staff the benefit of effective communication with patients and family members.

Because our professional and certified medical interpreters are often available 24/7, you can depend on a consistently reliable, high-quality experience, time and again. If the situation demands the services of a medical interpreter on the telephone, then we’ll make one available to our clients in a matter of seconds. In most cases, on-site medical interpretation can be at your place of business in about an hour or less, allowing effective and safe communication with your patients.

What a Certified Medical Interpreter Can Do for You

Given our many years of hands-on experience in the medical field, you can trust us in the most demanding situations. But medical interpreters can be useful in a variety of other circumstances, including:

Sight Translation of Medical Documents

Our professional interpreting staff is qualified to assist you in the sight translation of any kind of medical document, including prescriptions, medical charts and records, or insurance information. Through “Sight to Verbal” interpretation, your patients will understand the diagnosis, risks, benefits and instructions helping you in reducing readmission cases and potential associated penalties.

Medical Interpreters for Most Any Language, Including American Sign Language

Regardless of the language your patient, client or situation demands, we can help you out. With more than 200 languages covered by our staff, we are here to provide you with high-quality certified medical interpretation over the phone or in person. We also have staff members who are experts in American Sign Language.

Language Classes and Bilingual Staff Training

We also offer a wealth of language training programs throughout the year. If you are looking to further educate your bilingual staff, or wanting your employees to have a deeper cultural understanding of the communities you serve, we have just the classes for you.

Call us now to learn more about our certified medical interpreter services.

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“Just a word of thanks to you for the outstanding Italian interpreter you have sent us to help with our patients. He helped me today with a family from the east coast of Italy. The family was extremely grateful for his outstanding interpretation. They are very savvy consumers, and have used interpreters before with their child’s medical care. It was clear to me that this Affordable Language Services interpreter was excellent as he can do simultaneous interpretation – a very rare skill. This is very valuable as it allows families to hear nearly every word, rather than what often is a boiled down version as the interpreter summarizes the gist of each sentence.”

— Marc A. Levitt, M.D., Colorectal Center for Children, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center