Qualifying Healthcare Reimbursement

To support the good health of our team members and their families and to allow committed and passionate interpreters to pursue interpreting as a full-time career, Affordable Language Services offers a Qualifying Healthcare Reimbursement program. This program is not health insurance. It offers reimbursement to eligible team members for healthcare coverages provided through commercial insurance or health sharing plans.

For eligible team members, we reimburse $150 for each month for individuals or $300 for a family/dependents! Traditional commercial insurance premiums and monthly health sharing plan costs are reimbursable.

Contractors interpreters who work 112 billable hours for Affordable Language Services in a given calendar month, and are not covered by a spouse’s, parent’s or partner’s insurance, are eligible for participation for that month.

Please note:

  • If you are covered by Medicaid or a managed Medicaid plan, you are not eligible.
  • On-call or stand-by hours do not count towards the 112-hour requirement.
  • You must submit your request for reimbursement within the first seven calendar days of the month for the previous month’s premiums or health sharing expenses to receive reimbursement for that period.

To participate in a month when you are eligible, fill out the on-line form below to attest to your eligibility and provide proof of payment to your health insurance carrier or health sharing plan.

Click here to complete the form!