Translation in Education: Bridging the Gap to Make a Connection

Few people realize how difficult it is for parents to stay current with school updates when English is not the primary language spoken at home. Children are naturally adept at picking up new languages, but parents, on the other hand, need to stay informed in their target language. Google translate and similar products can do a lot, but only a skilled translator that has native-level fluency in both languages can accurately convey the important messages coming from school. This is where Affordable Language Services comes into play. Having an accurate translation which captures the tone and meaning of the parent document or email is important . Here are five reasons why using a professional is a good idea.

  • Accuracy – Translations from one language to another can be tricky. There are many nuances to this field that make a professional translator a must for the educational system. Let’s use an example: the word “once” – in English it means one time, in Spanish, however, “once” means the number eleven. This is an example of how a Spanish-speaker could become confused by a word or phrase – and we don’t want confusion to take place in an already challenging environment. A professional translator easily knows this difference and can save unnecessary trouble for everyone involved.
  • Cultural Sensitivity – Professional translators are trained in cultural sensitivity. Rest assured that the messages being translated are done so with tact and an understanding of the foreign culture at hand. This goes for important parent-teacher communications, school information, and essential correspondence that requires a professional touch. Affordable Language Services does just that. Using our services, you will be sure to convey the right message with the right words.
  • Accountability – When a miscommunication does occur – which can happen when translating from one language to another, it is important that these mistakes are accounted for and corrected. With a professional company like us, these mistakes are minimized. If an error occurs, in the rare case that it does, a third-party is there to bridge the gap. If someone is upset, your translator is there to form the connections that repair this relationship.
  • Professionalism – The perks of using Affordable Language Services are becoming very clear. Professional services in translation are imperative to communicating not only words – but the essence of the message. There are many ways to say the same thing; hiring a professional assures you that what is being said is stated in a way that makes everyone comfortable. We want parents, children, and teachers on the same page – for every step of the way.
  • Making Connections – Expert translators are wonderful at making connections, from creating an easy-to-maneuver atmosphere to nailing the details in a professional way. Translators are here to bridge the gap of cultural understanding that often exists between the English-speaking world, and the wide world of other languages. These professionals receive the message from the teacher, and put it in a way that the parents can understand. You cannot expect a conflict-free zone at all times, after all, teachers and parents don’t always get along. But what you can expect is a professional translator there every step of the way – on your schedule, when you need them.

There are many ways that translators bridge the gap between teachers and parents from different backgrounds. A school handbook is detailed it is important that it is translated well. If parents do not understand this document they may become discouraged with the school. All correspondence between teachers and parents should do three things: convey an accurate message; be sensitive to different cultural issues, and promote an environment of mutual learning and growth. Without translators, much of this is up for grabs – meaning, using a non-professional translator can lead to problems, and quick. For more information about Affordable Language Services, contact us today! We are experienced, professional, and great at getting the job done – and getting it done well.