Translation Services Process Overview

When you contract our professional staff for your translation needs, you can expect accurate, timely turnaround and the very best service available. The translation services we provide are detailed and customized for each project. An outline of a typical translation process looks like this:

1) Translation Request, Analysis and Estimate

You send us a finalized file to be translated via email or easily through our website. We then conduct a thorough analysis of your documents in order to determine word count and overall complexity of the project. Upon completing this process, a detailed estimate is sent to you in 24 hours or less. Large and complex projects, however, may require more time.

2) Project Approval, Initial Translation Steps

We don’t begin your project until you give us final approval of the estimate, after which we select the highest qualified staff members for the job. Native, subject-qualified translators, proofreaders, desktop publishers, and a dedicated project manager are all selected and placed on your project.

We then translate your project. Our team takes all style guides and client glossaries into consideration during the entire production process, ensuring accurate and polished copy.

3) Proofing, Editing and Formatting

After the document has been translated, it is then fine-tuned and proofread by an a second qualified linguist. Final edits are made to your document. When required, a desktop publishing expert generates the formatted version of the document in each translated language.

4) Final Review and Delivery of Translated Document

The Project Manager performs a final review of the documents for quality assurance purposes, ensuring the team and translators have followed all guidelines in the production process. Reviews are repeated as necessary.

We then deliver your translated documents in the method that was agreed upon by you, the customer. The project is invoiced at this stage; it is then filed securely according to our QMS. Because customer feedback is an important factor in the continuing development of our business, we actively solicit client opinion, and adjustments to our processes are continuously made based on this feedback.

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