Measuring Translation Quality


Objectively measuring translation quality is something Affordable Language Services can help you with. Our goal is to help you get the best translation to maximize your return on investment.


Professional Translation and Interpreting Services in over 200 languages

We offer highly specialized professional services for projects of any scale, industry specific demands, and more than 200 languages.  Locally in Cincinnati and wherever you are across the US.

  • Upcoming Events 

  • Bridging the Gap-Medical Interpreter Training

    Spring 2015 Session:

    March 13-15 & Mark 20-22

    Summer 2015 Session:

    June 5-7 & June 12-14

    Autumn 2015 Session:

    October 9-11 & 16-1


OCRID Presents:  Ethics for Interpreters; “The Nuts & Bolts and Everything In-Between”

This workshop will give an “overview” of ethics for sign language
interpreters; application of ethical practices to specific scenarios and
opportunities for participants to engage in feedback and discussion.

Program Date:  April 18. 2015