On-site Interpreting

What Is On-site Interpreting?

On-site Interpreting

On-site interpreting is the act of translating one language to another face-to-face. This type of interpreting is optimal for sensitive topics like medical, legal, and HR interpreting services. 

At Affordable Language Services, we’re passionate about bringing you high-quality on-site interpreting wherever you are and whenever you need us. On-site interpreting is often more effective than any other type due to being face-to-face. This communication is dynamic, and the nuances of communication (such as inflections and pauses) are more accurately translated.

When Do You Need On-site Interpreting?

On-site interpreting may be necessary in a variety of scenarios.

  • Medical – Your interpreter will be experienced in the medical field and be able to translate confusing terms to patients and physicians. Every medical interpreter complies with HIPPA guidelines for patient information.
  • Legal – From court proceedings to legal documents, we will maintain integrity and accuracy through legal jargon and sensitive topics.
  • HR – When you need help with onboarding presentations or something more sensitive like firing an employee, we can help you address audiences that speak another language.
  • General – Face-to-face interpreting is important. Any industry can find themselves in need of on-site interpreting, and making this effort shows you’re passionate about communicating with your employees as effectively as possible.

On-site interpreting is a dynamic, effective way of communicating. Our interpreters are experienced in the industry you need interpreting done in, so you don’t have to worry about something important being lost in translation. Whether you have a meeting, appointment, or even an emergency situation, Affordable Language Services will give you a quick and accurate interpretation. We have 24-hour services for emergency interpreting needs in a vast amount of langauges. Contact us today for more information!